Education & Training

Leonard Buscemi received a Bachelor of Science from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Washington, DC in 1976 and his law degree from Antioch School of Law in Washington, DC in 1980.
Antioch Law School was founded in 1972 by Yale law graduates, Edgar S. and Jean Camper Cahn had a unique academic and clinical program committed to training public interest lawyers and it pioneered a comprehensive clinical legal education model adopted now, in small part at least, in nearly every law school in America. This tradition is carried on today by its successor, the University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law.

Mr. Buscemi, as second and third year an Antioch law student (1978-1980) represented indigent clients in juvenile, family, immigration, disability law cases through the D.C. Law Student in Court Program.

In 1979, he was selected by Judge Leonard Braman of the District of Columbia Superior Court to intern in a Felony II rotation. That same year he worked as a criminal investigator in District of Columbia Superior Court under the Criminal Justice Act investigating assault, armed robbery and arson cases for Washington, D.C. criminal defense attorney Richard Stern.

In his third year of law school, September, 1979, Mr. Buscemi was appointed Special Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia where he prosecuted misdemeanor cases in the District of Columbia Superior Court. In the thirty substantive hearings and five trials he represented the United States, the rulings made by the court and the verdicts returned were all in favor of the government.

In his final semester of law school, Judge Braman, who was then assigned to Superior Court’s most complex civil cases (Civil I Rotation), invited Mr. Buscemi to return for an internship managing cases, writing, researching and participating in all court and chamber proceedings. The value of this legal experience can be appreciated by those who know Judge Braman, a distinguished jurist of great intellect and exacting standards.

By the time Mr. Buscemi graduated from law school in 1980, he had already clocked over 2,000 hours of courtroom experience. Immediately following graduation from law school, he began working for the law firm of Koonz, McKenney & Johnson in Washington, D.C. as a law clerk for the senior partner in the corner of the his private office where like an apprentice he watched, listened, researched, wrote and assisted in the preparation of the firm’s most challenging cases.

In June 1981, Mr. Buscemi was admitted to the District of Columbia bar and from June 19, 1981 to July 2, 1985 was an associate attorney with the Washington, DC firm of Koonz, McKenney & Johnson, managing the caseload as lead counsel for several hundreds clients in injury, malpractice, product liability and disability cases.

On July 2, 1985, Mr. Buscemi established opened his own law offices where he has represented clients in over 1,200 and accumulated a remarkable depth of legal training and experience as lead counsel in civil and criminal cases, administrative hearings, arbitrations and mediations and a broad spectrum of legal services associated with the general practice of law. (see AREAS OF PRACTICE).



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