Temporary, Permanent, Partial, and/ Or Total Disabilities

Since 1981, representation at hearings and appeals of hundreds of injured workers with injuries to the head, neck, back, extremities (shoulders, arms hands, digits, hips, legs, feet, toes), eyes (visual loss), ears (hearing loss), heart, lung, nervous and psychiatric status involving the gamut of issues associated with loss of wages, past and future medical expenses, loss of earning capacity, permanent partial or permanent total disability.

Worker’s Compensation - Permanent Total Disability – Fall from Ladder – Spine Injury

Laborer, a Vietnamese refugee, was working for the Department of the Army when he fell off a ladder and sustained lumbar spine injury, surgery, severe depression secondary to chronic pain, and total disability. The United States Government disputed the compensation claim which involved numerous medical issues and specialties (orthopedics, neurology, psychiatry, pain management, urology, etc.) His age, education, prior work experience, and the degree of his impairment posed vocational restriction that were further compounded by language, culture, and personal history. After 11 years of litigation, the Government was ordered by an administrative law judge to pay permanent total disability benefits with cost-of-living increases, as well as, the injured worker’s attorney’s fees and costs.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Typist –Law Firm - Invalid Compensation Settlement

Represented long-typing legal secretary for a partner of a large U.S. law firm who, after complaining of carpal tunnel, entered into $5,000 settlement with the firm without the advice of counsel. Office of Worker’s Compensation vacated invalid settlement agreement of injured worker when abuse of discretion and violation of law was established. When the injured typist then pursued her worker’s compensation claim, the law firm’s workers compensation insurance company filed suit in United States District Court for the District of Columbia by against the injured typist for breach of contract. Five years of litigation involving multiple proceedings with hearing examiners, Director of D.C. Dept. of Employment Services, District of Columbia Court of Appeals, and the DC federal court ensued. Finally, private mediation before a retired D.C. Superior Court Judge resulted in a $275.000.00 lump sum settlement for the injured worker.

Psychiatric Injury- Post Traumatic Stress- Train Operator – Witness Suicide

Represented WMATA subway train operator in suit for damages based on post-traumatic stress disorder with depression caused when a passenger committed suicide by diving in front of the subway train. Case involved expert psychiatric testimony regarding causal relationship of trauma and Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders classifications.


Sear employee, fell from ladder, causing permanent, total disability of the hip, avascular necrosis, fixed flex deformity, collapse of femoral head and subcondyle and centralized intervertebral disc prolapse at the L-5-S-1 level.


Ruptured Achilles tendon and surgical scar, related nerve entrapment at planter aspect.


Amputation of great toe resulting in phantom limb syndrome.


Permanent, total disability from loss of eyesight.


Washington Post pressmen hearing loss claims.


Amputation and permanent, total disability.