Defense of Insurance Defense Law Firm - Professional Service Contract

Defended law firm regarding claims of failure to pay for professional services between them and adjusting company. Issues included invoicing, and payments to third parties. Claims and counterclaims included breach of contract, negligence, negligent hiring, training, defamation /libel and slander, malicious prosecution, abuse of process, bad faith, negligent and fraudulent misrepresentation, conversion, and constructive trust.

Insurance Contract /Bad Faith /Failure to Defend – Uninsured Motorist Claim

Federal court case against State Farm Automobile Insurance Company for failure to defend its insured and pay a $40,000 default judgment against uninsured motorist. Insurance company eventually settled for treble damages, $120,000.

Breach of Contract - Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor

Suit and settlement of contract action by homeowner against contractor for faulty installation of heating and air conditioning equipment that was improperly sized, providing inadequate temperature differential required by terms of the contract and industry standards and codes.

Apartment Condominium Owner against Tenant for Non-Payment of Rent

Represented apartment condominium owner against tenant for non-payment of rent. Trial resulting in money judgment in General District Court against tenant who vacated the apartment without paying rent owed.

Defense of Conversion of Property and Unjust Enrichment Claims

Defense of lawsuit for conversion of property and unjust enrichment arising from dispute over the ownership of a used car co-owned and titled in the name of employer/liquor store owner and his employee. The employee offered to sign over the title of the car and pay his former employer $2,000.00, if the employer would dismiss the suit. Employer refused to settle and insisted the case go to trial. After a three day trial in Circuit Court, and the employer spending thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees, the jury awarded the employer the car title which the employee was already willing to sign over, $83.00 for the towing charge and nothing for his unjust enrichment claim.

Unauthorized Access to Bank Safety Deposit – Mother’s Jewelry and Cash Lost

Claim against bank and spouse by the estate of a deceased wife whose husband forged a signature card and gained unauthorized access and opened his wife’s bank safety deposit box, once just before her death and once immediately after her death. Thereafter, the executor of the deceased wife’s estate lawfully opened the box and found a large sum of cash and jewelry were missing.